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The "Moscow Sea" is project of creation of the unique Aquatic sports complex with a museum and school of the travelers and extreme kinds of sport of Russian Ocean Sailing Club on a coast of Ivankovsky reservoir (The Moscow Sea), being the extended part of the Volga river, in hour of driving from Moscow on west on a Moscow - St.-Petersburg direction. The convenient geographical location (the advanced transport infrastructure, river that exits to five seas, and railway transport ways) will promote the transformation of a complex into one of the global centers of sports, rest and tourism and creates the favorable investment prospects of the project.

The uniqueness of this project consists in creation of a resource base for preparation as to serious ocean and marine floating, and to other kinds of travels in extreme conditions. ROSC plans to create well prepared trainer base equipped in compliance with forthcoming difficulties of travels and sporting competitions on extreme kinds of sports. The basic idea of the complex isn't passive rest, but training and realization of "internal" and "external" competitions between resting guests. The grade of service is supposed to be finished up to four - stars.

The Moscow Sea is a year-round sporting center of international level, cultivating extreme kinds of sports. The creation of center will allow hereinafter have a stable source of means for realization of sailing programs, and also enables to unite the efforts of all wishing to participate in ocean races.

The creation of such complex will allow to decide a number of the following problems:

  • Physical and spiritual development of youth, popularisation of extreme kinds of sports and preparation and realization of complex sailing travels, training and realization of competitions on extreme kinds of sports;
  • Development of an infrastructure of area of dislocation of the Club and the accretion of attractiveness of the region for the travelers and sportsmen;
  • Creation of supporting base for cruise regattas and long - distance sailing's organization in dock spaces of Volga river, Onega and Ladoga Iakes, Rybinsk and Gorcovscy reservoirs, freely accessible from Moscow and Tver.

The benefits of Tver region from the realization of the project "the Moscow Sea":

  1. The creation of the unique, extra comfort center "the Moscow Sea" with the extended base of opportunities is necessary for the professional and amateurish yachtsman and travelers, owners of sailing means and businessmen.
  2. More 130 new workplaces
  3. Created the boarding school of extreme kinds of sports and travels will supply the large inflow of youth from the region and Moscow, will propagandize a healthy image of life and distract youth from alcoholic drinks and drugs.
  4. The comfort of the complex and the variety of kinds of sports will attract a lot of families on leave and holidays
  5. The creation of a museum monumental history of travels will attract the large number of the tourists, sportsmen and travelers from all World.
  6. Today Moscow has the extremely modest base for realization of sea celebrations The creation of complex will allow to expand a spectrum of services of similar celebrations and measures.
  7. The presence of the sporting, historical and cultural center near Moscow, where not only the heroes of last but also the heroes of modern significant travels and extreme competitions of the world level are immortalized, is the additional factor of attraction of significant flows of the domestic and foreign tourists from Moscow to the Tver region and to become the essential income item of the local and Moscow budgets.
  8. Such programs, as the alternative medicine and healthy image of life will enjoy wide popularity.
  9. Studying at the school of extreme kinds of sports, the solvent people will invest to the infrastructure and organization of competitions of a various level. It'll solve the financing problems of sports and promote the development of small-scale business in the sphere of human services and the sports equipment manufacturing.

The Aquatic sports complex provides the following trial functions:

  • Organization of sporting trainings
  • Educational and tutoring services in the field of extreme kinds of sports
  • Realization of competitions on water etc. kinds of sports
  • Organization of walks with granting in hire of sporting stock
  • Storage of sports equipment, including yachts, boats, snowmobiles etc.
  • Organization of family rest and excursions
  • Temporary residence with granting of nutrition under several programs
  • Realization of different festivals, including wedding travels

Sports possibilities:

Yachting Cruising
Wind-surfing Rowing
Swimming Diving
Hunting Aqua sports
Shooting Motor-sports (quadro cycle)
Equestrian (including biathlon on a wood line) Hang-glider and Paraplan
Skiing Snow-tractoring
Ice yachting Roller sports
Hockey Tennis
Single combats Extreme medicine, etc.

The expenses on creation of the complex

The turn The sum in $US
Expenses of the first turn 13029123,52
Expenses of the second turn 5850000
Expenses of the third turn 4000000
TOTAL: 22879123,52

The second and the third turns of construction are supposed to finance at the expenses of the incomes received from the first turn. The recoupment period of the project makes up 37 months. It is the period, for which the initial investments become covered by the total results from its realization. Thus term of return of the investments makes up 21 months from the beginning of the complex's operation. The internal norm of profitability makes up 60,24 %, that testifies the correctness of the investments of the present project.


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